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Posted by Jill Finkelstein on 9/24/2017

Sleep helps to keep brain cells healthy. A good night of sleep helps with weight loss, mood and energetic balance. If you've ever struggled to get or stay asleep, then woke groggy and lethargic, you know just how much sleep impacts your day.

What's keeping you away from a good night sleep?

Willpower alone may not always lead you into restful sleep. Relaxation is too much a key to healthy sleep, especially deep and REM sleep for willpower to be enough to keep you in a restful sleep night after night.

Another thing that isn't enough to get you to fall and stay asleep every night is the desire to experience a good night sleep. Just wanting to sleep isn't enough. It won't do the trick. In fact, desire for sleep, combined with willpower and wakefulness can easily create frustration, more wakefulness and insomnia.

If it isn't desire for better sleep and willpower that's keeping you up at night, maybe staring at the ceiling, what's keeping you up? Here are a few things that could be keeping you away from enjoying better sleep at home:

  • Outside light - If your bedroom is located near an outdoor porch light, that porch light might be keeping you awake.
  • Indoor light - Bathroom safety lights prevents slips and falls. They can also keep homeowners up at night. Consider turning down your bathroom safety lights or installing a dimmer light bulb in the light holder. See if you don't start to sleep better.
  • Television noise - Your favorite television show might come up around the same time that you head to bed. Be sleepy enough and you might drift into sleep while the show is still on. After an hour or so of sleeping, light emitting from your bedroom television could awaken you.
  • Unresolved issues - Incomplete work projects, unfinished school assignments and relationship challenges can keep you up at night. Instead of falling and staying asleep, you might lay in bed trying to figure out how to close loose ends on these open items. Do yourself a favor and close out important issues during the day. Make a list of items that you are going to focus on in the morning and let them go. You really do need to get a good night of sleep.
  • Temperature - If it's too hot or too cold, you might only sleep lightly or not at all.
  • Bedtime schedule - An erratic bedtime schedule can make it hard for your brain to get accustomed to drifting into sleep at a certain time.
  • Health - Sleep apnea, a cold, the flu and other health issues can make it tough to get and stay asleep. So too can medications.

More on sleeping better at home

Change what's keeping you up at night and you just might start to sleep better and longer. For example, you might have to change the lighting in your bedroom or above the window outside your bedroom. Reducing noise is another step that you may have to take.

Altering your daily routine may also be in order. Before you take this step, review your schedule. Pay attention to how suggestions listed in this article influence your sleep. Be open to continuing to change your bedroom and your lifestyle until it gets easier for you to fall and stay asleep.

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Posted by Jill Finkelstein on 9/17/2017

Ready to transform an ordinary kitchen into a stellar one? With a kitchen cleaning checklist, any home seller can revamp a kitchen's look and feel.

Ultimately, there are several things to include in a kitchen cleaning checklist, such as:

1. Countertops

If you cook regularly, your kitchen countertops may become messy. Plus, if you store a wide range of items on your kitchen countertops, these items may collect dust over time.

Fortunately, it usually doesn't take long for a home seller to clean kitchen countertops and improve their overall appearance.

It may prove to be worthwhile to clean the kitchen countertops daily. Wiping down the countertops regularly ensures that dust and debris can be eliminated before they cause long-lasting damage.

Furthermore, don't forget to eliminate as much clutter as possible from your kitchen countertops. This will enable you to show off the true beauty of your kitchen countertops, thereby increasing the likelihood that potential homebuyers will be impressed by your home's kitchen.

2. Floors

If food particles fall onto the floor while you're cooking and you fail to clean them up in a timely fashion serious problems may arise in your kitchen. However, a diligent home seller will know how to keep the kitchen floors looking great at all times.

Cleaning the kitchen floors typically is a weekly task that may require just a few minutes to complete.

If you have tile floors in your kitchen, warm water can be used to wipe down the floors as needed. Also, sweeping or vacuuming tile floors will enable you to get rid of loose soil and grit.

Comparatively, if you have hardwood floors in your kitchen, boiling water may prove to be essential. Wash your kitchen's hardwood floors thoroughly, and you can enhance their appearance in no time at all.

3. Sink

Believe it or not, the kitchen sink can make a world of difference in the eyes of potential homebuyers. If you dedicate the necessary time and resources to clean the kitchen sink, you should have no trouble impressing homebuyers any time they check out your house's kitchen.

Using a general-purpose cleaner is all it takes to clean a kitchen sink. After you apply the cleaner, wipe the sink dry, and you're good to go.

Daily kitchen sink cleaning is paramount. If you spend even a few minutes each day cleaning the kitchen sink, you can maintain the sink's appearance both now and in the future.

If you need additional help with kitchen cleaning, don't hesitate to reach out to a home cleaning company for assistance. This business hires professionals who understand the ins and outs of cleaning a kitchen as well as other areas of a home and will help you revamp a house's appearance.

Lastly, feel free to contact a real estate agent for support throughout the home selling process. With an expert real estate agent at your side, you can boost your chances of getting the best price for your residence.

Posted by Jill Finkelstein on 9/14/2017

14 Fieldstone Lane, Natick, MA 01760



Full/Half Baths
FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY! FIRST FLOOR MASTER BEDROOM WITH A NEWLY DESIGNED MASTER BATH, PLUS A TWO CAR GARAGE!! This single family home is part of a home owner's association that provides landscaping, sprinkler system, snow and trash removal, located in wonderful South Natick. Featuring a two story foyer, skylights and floor to ceiling stone fireplace, this grand home has a very spacious living room, gracious dining room with a bay window, a cathedral ceiling family room that adjoins a well-equipped stainless steel kitchen with double ovens, countertop range, compactor, French door refrigerator and an adjacent dining area. Sliders open to a wonderful private deck overlooking the backyard and woods. The second floor offers three more bedrooms, including a Jack and Jill layout, and another family bath.The finished walkout lower level has a huge playroom/great room and walk-in cedar closet. Amenities include hardwood floors, central AC, central vacuum, alarm, and new windows!
Open House
September 16 at 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM
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Location: 14 Fieldstone Lane, Natick, MA 01760    Get Directions

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Posted by Jill Finkelstein on 9/10/2017

College towns have an energetic vibe, similar to the energy that students attending the schools possess. To attract students, colleges and local governments offer social, cultural and cutting edge technological and business events. Attend these events and you can hear nationally and internationally respected leaders present innovative ideas and product developments.

Living in college towns isn't only for college students

Major business players like Facebook, Kinkos and SnapChat  were started in college towns. If you've dreamed about launching and operating a successful business, you could find business partners in a college town. You won't have to look far for like minded entrepreneurs, future leaders you could explore business ideas and processes with.

There are a wide range of advantages embedded in college towns. Business opportunities are just one of the advantages. More reasons why you might love living in a college town are:

Affordable apartments and houses - Excluding major college towns like Boston, Philadelphia and Princeton, housing in college towns is generally reasonable. Housing in small college towns is typically lower than in bustling locations. You'll save on housing costs without having to give up social, entertainment and business advantages.

What else you might love about buying a home in a college town

Transportation - Roadways are generally well connected in college towns. Buy or rent a house in a college town and you'll probably have access to public transportation. City buses and trains operate so efficiently in some college towns that you can easily get around without a personal vehicle.

Walkability - You'd be hard pressed to find towns with higher walkability scores than those found in college cities. Whether you rent an apartment or buy a house, you could be within moments of grocery stores, restaurants, malls and shops.

Ongoing learning - Education is highly appreciated in college towns. Even if you have graduate degree, you can continue to learn. This ongoing learning could come through certification or licensing training. Another learning opportunity can be realized by taking non-credit, professional or career college courses.

Hospitals and clinics - Some college towns are home to three or more major hospitals. Emergency and 24 hour clinics are also located in the towns. You and other residents could volunteer to participate in medical trials at local hospitals.

Fine dining - At first glance, a college town might not appear to be home to winning restaurants. Yet, these towns are the very places where sharp business executives and up-and-coming entrepreneurs meet with clients over a mouthwatering meal.

Arts - If you have a healthy appetite for the arts, you might feel like you found your residential niche after you relocate to a college town. Original paintings, sculptures, new music, literature and live stage plays are showcased in towns that have a large college population.

By buying a house in a quiet college town, you can avoid higher mortgages, frustrating traffic jams and pricey entertainment options. Yet, it's in larger college towns that you can stay near the pulse of an upwardly mobile metropolis. Buy more than one property, and you could build wealth by renting houses or apartments to college students. If you appreciate social interactions, you won't be bored living in a college town. You could keep growing, exploring and learning for years.

Posted by Jill Finkelstein on 9/9/2017

WONDERFUL AND RARE OPPORTUNITY TO RENOVATE OR BUILD ANEW! This well located private 6+ acre property, close to Needham center, the commuter rail, schools and the highway, awaits your imagination. Also listed in MLS as 'Land', this is a chance to custom design a brand new very special home. There is also the potential for two separate building lots. Ask the listing agent for more information. A plot plan is attached to the listing. The interior of the house can be viewed by appointment and an appointment is also required to just walk the land.

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